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In today’s time, whether it’s about pursuing a career in the finance sector, starting a new business or even building your personal wealth, everything requires you to have a sound mind - with the numbers on the fingertips and a remarkable acumen.

Simpler concepts such as what is banking, investment, and equity are something that all should be aware of. Everyone, especially youngsters, needs early access to such financial literacy, regardless of what they pursue.

Welcome to Finance 101.

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This course is for anyone who’s keen on getting a glimpse of where the Financial sector stands today. It narrates the basics on what sort of opportunities lie ahead for those interested in finding out if they should pursue it professionally.

About the mentor


Ankur Kampani

SRCC Graduate
MBA in Finance from NMIMS

With this illustrious a background, Ankur was bound to taste success. He started as a banker and, after a quick and successful stint in the field, turned towards entrepreneurship. Today, having seen both sides of the fence, he has now mastered the intersection of finance and building businesses while bagging heaps of exposure and immense recognition in both sectors.

What all will you learn?

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Before understanding the fundamentals of finance, let’s first observe where all and how crucial a role does finance play in the current day.

Now that we understand the role it plays, it’s time to deconstruct basic concepts of Finance such as debt, equity, investments, and more in this session.

We go a level deeper in the second session on the Basics of Finance to understand how and why money is raised in a business, more about equity, and other sources of finance.

Now that we understand how money is raised in a business, the final session elaborates on what role an audit firm plays, what internal and external audits are, due diligence and compliances that need to be met while raising capital, and more.

How many sorts of banks are there? What’s the interplay between investment bank, private equity, and venture capitalists? We dedicate the session towards understanding today’s financial ecosystem.

What is an investment bank? How lucrative is a career under investment banking? As a sector to work in, investment banking offers a whole lot more than just a paycheck. This session tours you through the sector, right from the bottom to the top.

What are private equity firms, venture capital firms, and hedge funds? How are they different from each other? Find out answers to these questions and a lot more during this session of the course.

This session focuses on understanding stock trading in today’s market. From learning its fundamentals to technical parameters, we explain it all.

Now that the students are aware of the particulars, we move on to give them an immersive experience via virtual trading practices, helping them understand the investment horizon of the current market and closely monitoring their progress in the coming weeks.

Everyone should know and understand the workings of the next medium of exchange, especially the young. From its origin to discussing its future explorations, we find out all about Cryptocurrencies.

We learn from the life of a legendary hedge fund manager who’s also one of the world’s most successful investors, George Soros, while traversing through the journeys of India’s most successful unicorns.

The final session of the courses focuses on imparting hands-on knowledge about how a business plan is created, how funds are raised, who the right partners are for businesses, and much more.


This course is based on freshly curated curriculum to inform and motivate someone who’s inclined to learn, understand or may want to find out if the world of finance is their next thing!

No, there isn’t a trial period, however, our executives are happy to answer any queries that you may have regarding the course. Also, to help you make an informed decision, the overview of the curriculum can be downloaded where the curriculum is listed.

Yes, our faculties are few of the most well-known faces across industries and are systematically selected. They mentor all the attending strength for till the end of the duration of the course with a direct emphasis on immersive learning experiences.

At MyNT, every (school/college) student is given the opportunity to strive beyond the classrooms. As a part of their program, each student is provided a guaranteed internship at a start-up where they get real-world experience and exposure to the world of entrepreneurship!

There are no prerequisites for this course. Anyone and everyone who’s inclined towards learning about Entrepreneurship can pursue it.

Depending on what’s decided with the concerned institution or individual(s), the sessions are planned and scheduled to suit the availability of all those attending it.

This course spans across 12 sessions which need to be completed within the mutually agreed time frame.

No. The structuring of this course does not allow us to pause the course and adheres to a consistent, pre-decided schedule that the individual or institution may agree to at the time of finalizing.

No. The course’s start and end date are fixated before its initiation. All classes and assignments are to be completed in the provided time frames so as to ensure equal opportunity for all those attending the course. However, the timelines are decided with the concerned individual(s) or institutions so there’s flexibility provisioned prior to the beginning of the course.

No, you don’t lose access. If, due to any reason, a student of the course fails to complete it in said time then they’re still provided complete access to the curriculum.

No, you don’t lose access. Once a student completes the courses, they’re still given access to the entire curriculum so they can easily refer back to the modules they’ve covered.

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